H8A is a company specialized in commercial representation for the sale of PayTV advertising, providing a team of competent, high-level professionals recognized in the advertising market. We are therefore committed to the integrity of the image of the companies we represent, with their values, respecting their viewers, the cast and their employees.





Our account executives, specialists in the advertising market throughout Brazil, dedicate regular visits to media planners and marketing departments of companies with potential for international advertising. They make detailed presentations, formalizing specific proposals, appropriate to the desired profile.

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For more than 65 years, DW has been the media company that people turn to for reliable content and information.

More than 96% of users consider DW a trustworthy source something that you can profit from by partnering with us.


We captivate audiences with credible content that they can rely on. Benefit from our strengths – a brand that people believe.


We provide people with a global platform to express their opinions. It’s a chance to discuss the matters they hold dear with an international audience.


We deliver bold journalism that reflects and strengthens democracy and freedom of speech:

No sensationalism, just an honest analysis of the facts. We provide unbiased news and information to help people understand the world better.

Today SIC Internacional reaches 10 million viewers, 24 hours a day, around the world through cable, satellite and IPTV systems.


Brazil has the second largest Portuguese community outside of Portugal and, to meet the demand for news in real time, the Portuguese TV SIC Internacional offers entertainment, soap operas, sports, culture and leisure programs, through the subscription of the channel, broadcast on NET cable operators, SKY, Claro TV, Vivo TV and NeoTV.


Join us and spread your brand to more than 3 million households subscribing to this premium channel in Brazil and in 8 more countries, Andorra, Australia, Canada,  France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and United States.


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